"God is our refuge and our strength" (ps. 45:2)

Despite decades of persecution, we Catholics of Lithuania are still sufficiently strong and determined in our fight for God, the existence of the Church and basic human rights. We are strong because we are not alone: God is our refuge and our strength! With us is the "Pope of the East" speaking for the Church of Silence and has assigned half his heart to the persecuted and fighting Church of Lithuania. Vatican Radio gives us strength with continually new information—our suffering and struggle are finding an ever broader response throughout the world. Bishop Thomas Kelly, Secretary General of the U.S. Conference of Bishops, heard the appeal of America's Knights of Lithuania (hats off to our emigrant youth!) and proclaimed February 11th a day of prayer for Lithua­nia.

And so, on behalf of the Church and our Fatherland, we Catholics of Lithuania sincerely thank the bishops, priests and faithful of the U.S. for their prayers and good wishes, as well as all people of good will about whose efforts we may not even know. We thank the people of the U.S. government and Vatican Radio for transmit­ting to the world in various languages the appeal of the Knights of Lithuania.

May God reward all who do good! And we, for our part, will con­tinue our persevering fight with the goal of having Christ rule in our Fatherland.

Catholics of Lithuania