On May 13, 1983, a search was carried out at the Viduklė rectory, in the quarters of Father Svarinskas' housekeeper, (Miss) Monika Gavėnaitė. In charge of the search was Senior Lieutenant T. Vaivada, an inspector from the criminal investigation section of the Raseiniai Rayon.

During the search, the following were seized:

The youth publication, Lietuvos ateitis (The Future of Lithuania, No. 5;

Tikybos pirmamokslis (A Primer of Religion) (150 copies); Aušros žvaigždė (The Day Star) (48 copies); 138 photographs of former prisoners and exiles; 72 photographs of a religious nature,

60 pages of various texts written on several typewriters, Three notebooks with addresses, Six audio tapes. Books:

Jaunoms širdims (To Young Hearts); Trupinėliai (Crumbs);

The search lasted more than two hours. That very day, a search was made at the home of (Miss) Gavėnaitė's father, living in Ukmergė Rayon, the Village of Jakutiškiai and at the home of a brother, Julius Gavėnas, living in Kaunas at Kapsų 43-3. At the father's home, they found two photographs of Svarinskas and a petition to the bishops.


Since the arrest of Father Alfonsas Svarinskas, (Miss) Regina Teresiūtė, residing at Laisvės 11, Kelmė, has been repeatedly sum­moned to the Department of Internal Affairs for interrogation. Of­ficials accuse (Miss) Teresiūtė of consorting with Father Svarins­kas and of relaying to him material libeling Soviet society. They claim that (Miss) Teresiūtė serves the Catholic Committee for the Devense of Believers' Rights as a courier, and for that reason she is under investigation.

On April 28, 1983, Militia Officer Krunikas visited (Miss) Te-resiūtė's parents, telling them he had come in connection with their daughter's employment, threatened them, pressured them to sign some sort of sheets, wrote down the name of every member of the family, and inventoried the livestock. (Miss) Teresiūtė works as organist at the parish in Žalpiai. For the same purpose, officials have also gone to visit Father Juozapas Razmantas, Pastor of the Žalpiai, and chairman of the parish committee.


On April 19, 1983, (Miss) Zita Šarakauskaitė, a fourth-year student at the Pedagogical School, was summoned from Vilnius to Kapsukas KGB Headquarters for a chat with a KGB agent. During the talk, he tried to recruit her as an agent. The chekist was interested to know how their earlier conversation had ended up in the under­ground publication, the Chronicle. He was also unhappy because Zita is telling her classmates and acquaintances about the meeting which took place. Taking his leave, he promised that they would meet again if this meeting was reported in the Chronicle.


On May 12, 1983, (Miss) Vida Merkevičiūtė, 11th Class pupil at the K. Donelaitis Middle School in Kybartai, was summoned to the principal's office. Waiting for her in the office was KGB Agent Kanonenko. In the words of the security agent, the conversa­tion was supposed to be brief and confidential. His purpose was to recruit Vida as a KGB agent. At first, he suggested that she enroll for higher studies, and afterwards asked her to come May 18 at

4:00 PM for an "appointment". The site of the meeting was set out­side the Kybartai city limits, in the Kaliningrad Oblast.

Refusing to cooperate, that same day Vida told her parents and all her friends about her conversation with Agent Kanonenko, but did not keep the appointment.


In March, 1983, on several occasions militia officials visited Tiesos gatvė 11-38, asking for Nijolė Sadūnaitė. An official of the Militia Criminal Section questioned Marytė Sadūnienė (Ms. Sadū-naitė's brother's wife) at work, inquiring whether Nijolė lived with them. He tried to explain that neighbors are allegedly writing anonymous letters saying that Nijolė Sadūnaitė is not living in her apartment, is not working anywhere and is loafing. The harassment of Nijolė Sadūnaitė goes on.