Aušra (Tlie Dawn), No. 60(100). In September 1987, the underground publication Aušra No. 60(100) appeared. In the introductory article of the pub­lication, an appeal by a group of Lithuanians to people of good will in countries throughout the world, an attempt is made to call world public attention to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of August 23,1939.

In the appeal, a request is made: "Do not hesitate in the face of injus­tice and the suffering of others! With all the information media at your disposal, publicize the plight of the Baltic States, and ask the leaders of your governments in the next general session of the U.N. Assembly to bring up for discussion the question of the forcible incorporation of the Baltic States into the Soviet Union. In the article, "Let Us Give Them Every Kind of Support," the problem of Gin­tautas Iešmantas, Povilas Pečeliūnas and other prisoners is brought up. A demand is made for unconditional rehabilitation of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, and the plight of human rights in the Soviet Union is discussed.

Quite a bit of space in the publication is devoted to the August 23 demonstration in Vilnius. Vytautas Bogušis' open letter to Chief Director D. Tamulevičiūtė of the Vilnius Youth Theater and a report of the general meet­ing of the staff of the Youth Theater which criticized Vytautas Bogušis for par­ticipating in the August 23 demonstration, appears.

Lithuanian, remember that:

Father Alfonsas Svarinskas
Father Sigitas Tamkevičius
Viktoras Petkus
Balys Gajauskas
Gintautas Iešmantas

and others bear the chains of slavery so that you might live and believe in freedom!