Aušra (Dawn), nos. 23 and 24. 
Vytis (Knight), no. 6.
Tiesos kelias (The path of truth), nos. 16 and 17.
Blaivybėje — jėga (Strength in sobriety), no. 1. 

This publication made its appearance in 1981, The Year of Temperance. In the introduction it states: "This humble publication was created to nurture the flame of enthusiasm for temperance in our society, to publicize good experiences, to band temperance activists together, and to spread the activities of the temperance movement." The publication Blaivybėje — jėga propagates and publicizes the temperance movement.

The Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania congratulates those enthusiasts who have resolved to publish a publication as necessary as Blaivybėje — jėga in an effort to save Lithuania from drowning in alcohol.