Pašilė (Diocese of Telšiai)
On October 11, 1981, Algirdas Stonys began serving at masses in Pasile. Several days later, his teacher, [Mrs.] Aranauskienė, stood Algirdas in front of the class and began to ridicule him in a number of ways: "What do you get there? Do you return well-fed from the church?" etc.

March 8, 1981, marked the beginning of Lent. The young people of Pašile gathered at the home of Antanas Saunoris, the church custodian, to sing the meditations of Christ's Passion called "Hills of Žemaičių Kalvarija." The next day Aranauskienė tried to intimidate and scolded the students who had participated and ridiculed the schoolgirl Laima Jurgelevičiūtė in a number of ways. "Aren't you ashamed? You are a good student, and you dare to go and sing! Shame on you!" shouted the teacher.

Ariogala (Raseiniai Rayon)
In February 1981 the homeroom teacher [Mrs.] Kadienė pressured the ninth-grade student Arvydas Liepa to enroll in the Communist Youth League. He kept resisting. The teacher then ordered him to write an atheistic composition and gave him atheistic literature to read. The boy kept the books that were forced on him but did not write the composition. Losing her patience, Kadiene went to see the student's mother, telling her to influence her son, threatening that her son would otherwise not gain admission to a school of higher education. Liepienė asked the homeroom teacher, "Does the Soviet educational system teach children to be hypocrites? My son is a believer and would become a hypocrite if he joined the Communist Youth League because he would still want to attend church. I believe that my son will grow up better by attending church than by joining the Communist Youth League."

When the teacher was unable to convince the mother, she resorted to the final recourse; the student's deportment grade was reduced to unsatisfactory on the pretext that the student had been discourteous. The question arises, is homeroom teacher Kadienė courteous when she constantly asks the student derisively, "What are you looking at? Did you perhaps see your God?"

Seda (Mažeikiai Rayon)
The Seda Secondary School students [Miss] Violeta Bernotaitė and [Miss] Daiva Bernotaitė are continually persecuted and ridiculed in school for attending church.

The grade 3B homeroom teacher, [Mrs.] Emilija Jonuškevičienė, wanted to forcibly enroll Violeta in the Pioneers. When her words had no effect, the teacher began to pull the girl's ears. The student's sister, Daiva, warned the teacher that she could not do this. Jonuškevičienė scolded Daiva, saying she was too young to concern herself with such matters.

On May 15, 1981, Assistant Principal [Mrs.] Plekaitienė and [Mrs.| Liaubienė, a teacher, summoned Daiva to the teachers' room for a talk. The teachers ridiculed her, called her ignorant, and accused her of organizing children to attend services. Plekaitienė threatened that if the girl continued to attend church, her mother would be dismissed from her position as Work Brigade Leader at the Salomėja Neris Collective Farm. [Mrs.] Danutė Bernotienė went to see the grade 7A homeroom teacher, [Mrs.] Irena Liaubienė, for an explanation of why the girls were being persecuted. Liaubienė stated, "If the girls went to church less often, everything would be all right."

On May 31, 1981, Vytukas Mačiulaitis, a sixth-grade student at Kaunas Secondary School no. 6, drowned in the Šventoji River. Because his parents' home is very cramped and Vytukas used to serve at mass, the pastor of the Šančiai parish allowed the wake to be held in a church auxiliary building. Vytukas's homeroom teacher and people incited by the school authorities tried to convince the parents to hold the boy's wake in a public hall because, otherwise, neither the teachers nor the students would be able to attend the funeral. The parents refused, and neither the homeroom teacher nor the other teachers attended the funeral. Such is their sense of morality!

Josvainiai (Kėdainiai Rayon)
On the Monday following Easter Sunday, 1981, the Josvainiai Secondary School atheist leader, [Mrs.] Kaminskienė (grade 6A homeroom teacher), entered her classroom in a rage and ordered all who had attended church on Easter to raise their hands. More than half of the class raised their hands. The teacher then began asking the students who was informing Vatican Radio about her. Furthermore, she ordered them to make a list of students who had participated in the procession and served at mass. The students [Miss] Regina Augaitė and [Miss] Daiva Vasiliūtė emphatically refused to make such lists.