On May 15, 1972, K. Černeckis, the vice-chairman of the Prienai Rayon Executive Committee, warned the Rev. J. Matulaitis, pastor of Nemaniūnai, that he was not observing Soviet laws and forced him to sign the following warning: "It is known that in the parish church of Nemaniūnai children and adolescents assist in religious rites. This is a violation of Soviet laws. We are warning you not to involve children and adolescents in religious rites.

"In addition, you leave your parish without a permit and perform religious rites in churches of other parishes. We are warning you that this must not happen again."

A lecturer from Prienai came to the school in Nemaniūnai to "enlighten" the students on atheistic topics. The children were warned not to participate in processions. The more timid vanished from the processions, but the others continue to attend church diligently and participate in religious rites.



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