Pašušvys (Radviliškis Rayon)

On July 12, 1982, in the bus station, Chairwoman (Mrs.) Bronė Stulgienė of the Pašušvys District, and Teachers (Mrs.) Ona Liu-binienė and (Mrs.) Roma Siurnienė, stopped the following children coming from church: Bronius and Česlovas Matulaitis, (Miss) Lina Bitytė, Valdis Molis and others, and started to list their names.

The next day, the priest serving the church of Pašušvys, Father Juozas Vaicekauskas, inquired at the District why children preparing for first confession were intimidated and persecuted. District Chairwoman Stulgienė stated that the teaching of religion to groups of children was forbidden, and she had been taking down the children's names at the direction of Vice Chairman Alfredas Krikštams of the Executive Committee.


On August 18, 1982, Telšiai Middle School IV eleventh-grader (Miss) Danutė Adomaitytė was summoned to Telšiai Security Head­quarters for questioning. The chekist was most worried whether the girl summoned was preparing to enter the convent and whether the landladies of the apartment she was renting were not religious women. The chekist advised her that rather than religion and church-going, it was better to enjoy the pleasures of life.

"If you do not change your way of life, we will meet during the school year," the security agent threatened.


    On September 2, 1982, tenth-grader (Miss) Saulė Gaižauskaitė of Telšiai Middle School VI was summoned to the Vice Principal's office. In the office, the girl found a chekist waiting for her. He tried to talk her out of going to church or participating in adoration groups. The security man was especially angry for her participa­tion in the religious festival at Žemaičių Kalvarija.

"You are a minor. Soviet law forbids minors from participating in processions. Since you have broken the law, you are a criminal. If you do not stop, we will take you from your parents and bring you up in a colony," the chekist threatened.

The chekist considers one of Saulė Gaižauskaitė's greatest crimes to be her participation in the church choir.


On September 20, 1982, Teacher (Mrs.) Milda Dilienė of the Edvardas Tičkus Middle School profanely scolded and ridiculed the pupils of grade 6C: Gediminas Mainelis, (Miss) Aida Čerputė, (Miss) Elvyra Gagiškytė, (Miss) Gita Tervydytė and (Miss) Rasa Kačiušytė. The teacher tried to find out to whom pupils reported similar talks which had occurred earlier, so that even Vatican Radio found out about them. Teacher Dilienė threatened to turn in to the KGB the parents of the children mentioned above. Pupil (Miss) Jo­lanta Šmatavičiūtė was strictly ordered by Teacher Dilienė to go to church Sundays, and to turn in to her a list of all children participating in the services. In the teacher's opinion, atheism needs spies: the atheists must know all who go to church.

"I cannot betray my friends, and I will never be a traitor," retorted Jolanta Šmatavičiūtė to Teacher Dilienė.

Pakiršinys (Radviliškis Rayon)

On September 23, 1982, Teacher (Mrs.) Ona Adomaitienė of Pakiršinys Elementary School asked third grade pupils during class what pollutes and infects the skin. The teacher explained that the greatest source of skin infection is holy water in the churches. When Teacher Adomaitienė ordered that pupils who go to church stand up, the whole class rose. Having entered in her notebook the names of several pupils who admitted that they had gone to first confession and First Communion this year, and had received the Sacrament of Confirmation, Ona Adomaitienė stated ominously, "If I find you going to church, I don't know what I'll do to you!"