At the end of 1982, the youth magazine, Lietuvos Ateitis (Lithuania's Future), Number 4, appeared.. In the lead article, en­titled, "We Are for Self-Renewal in Love", the problem of lack of love in today's civilized world is considered. In the publication, much room is given to the experiences of our fellow countrymen when the Russians occupied Lithuania, and problems of faith, morality and nationality are analyzed.

Aušra (The Dawn) Number 32 appeared in August, 1982. The more significant articles: "Unity under the Flag of Christ", "Freedom of Speech", "In the Atheists' Smithy", "Youth under Pressure", etc. In the publication, the atheists' plans to wreck the Church from within are revealed. Quite a bit of space is given to throwing light on the plight of Lithuanians living in Byelorussia. The tragedy of the Village of Musteika, Varėna Rayon, is reported, when on June 24, 1944, the Bolsheviks cruelly murdered fifteen men, burned down many homes, and sacked the entire village.