Josvainiai (Kėdainiai Rayon)

From June 20 - 24, 1983, (Miss)Genutė Brigytė and (Miss) Regina Augaitė who had just finished the 8th Class of Josvainiai Middle School, were summoned to the Kėdainiai KGB for interrogation. From Kėdainiai they summoned Ona Tunaitytė's mother. Regina and Genutė were accompanied to the KGB by their mothers. Vilnius investigator Vidzėnas was anxious to find out how the girls had appeared in the underground publication, the Chronicle, two years earlier. He asked whether Father Leonas Kalinauskas gave them the aforesaid publication to read, what he says in his sermons, whether he treats them to candy, and so forth. The girls explained that they go to church to pray; how news made the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania, they did not know. During his sermons, Father Kalinauskas explains the Gospel of Christ.

Josvainiai (Kėdainiai Rayon)

This year, as every year, the children of believing parents were preparing for First Holy Communion, which took place June 19. On that occasion, in order not to cause a jam on Sunday, confessions were heard in advance on the evening of the 17th and 18th. Both days, during the evening services, Josvainiai Middle School teachers Vitas Launikonis, (Mrs.) Launikonienė, (Mrs.) Bakienė and (Mrs.) Kamins­kienė ran riot in church and in the churchyard, together with Jos­vainiai Party Organization Secretary Leistrumas, and Josvainiai District Accountant (Mrs.) Ona Ribačiauskienė. During the services, they asked the names of the children and sent them home. Those who disobeyed, they threatened to turn over to the militia, or to take them to a colony. After this rioting of the atheists, various vulgar graffiti, and even swastikas, appeared on the church doors, the organ and in the corridor. For this, the teachers blamed the believing children.


On June 8, 1983, Prienai Middle School No. 1 Class 8C student Jolanta Urbšaitė, was taking an oral examination in the Lithuanian language. When the student pulled ticket number 6, Lithuanian language teacher (Mrs.) Baranauskienė protested, "This is too easy for you. Take another."

When Jolanta Urbšaitė succeeded very well in ansering ques­tions up to ticket number 21, the teacher sarcastically asked her, "Who taught you like that, Urbšaitė — Narvydas? (her homeroom teacher) or Gražulis (Associate Pastor of Prienai)?"

She received a mark of "four", although in all of her trimester examinations in the Lithuanian language, Urbšaitė had "fives". She got through all her other examinations with "fives". When Jolanta asked why her deportment was marked merely "satisfactory", Home­room Teacher Narvydas replied, "It seems to me that it's un­necessary to explain to you.

Jolanta Urbšaitė is a deep believer, who practices her faith openly.

Lithuanian, remember!

Father Alfonsas Svarinskas, Father Sigitas Tamkevičius, Jadvyga Bieliauskienė, Viktoras Petkus, Balys Gajauskas, Vytautas Skuodis, Gintautas Iešmantas, Mečislovas Jurevičius, Vytautas Vaičiūnas Povilas Pačeliūnas, Sergei Kovalev, Antanas Terleckas, Julius Sas­nauskas and others wear the chains of imprisonment so that you might be able to live and believe in freedom!