Lietuvos ateitis (Lithuania's Future) Nr. 6, a periodical publica­tion for youth, appeared at the end of May, this year, discussing national problems and problems of interest to Lithuanian youth.

Lietuvos ateitis Nr. 7, dedicated to the convicted Father Alfon­sas Svarinskas, appeared at the end of September. In the publication, the trial of Father Svarinskas and the arrest of Father Tamkevi-čius are widely discussed, and a message from the believing youth of Lithuania to Lithuanian youth living abroad appears.

Aušra (The Dawn) No. 35/75. In February, 1983, the thirty-fifth issue of the underground publication, Aušra, appeared. In the publication, the article entitled "One Hundred Years for Aušra" received particular notice, in which the climate nineteen years after the press ban when the first issue of the first Lithuanian news­paper, Aušra, appeared is thoroughly described. It was the begin­ning of the Lithuanian renaissance, the first conscious step of Lithuanians into their future. According to Professor Biržiška, "This was the greatest revolution in the world, known to history: The rising up of a small nation, barely beginning to be conscious of itself against the great Russian-German-Polish alliance," the publication writes.

Aušra Nr. 35 expresses protest against the arrest of Father Svarinskas; it tells its readers about the Lithuanian convicts in Zone 385/3-5 of Mordovia. In the publication, much space is devoted to the article, "Forty Years (1904 - 1944)", in which the economic life of Lithuania and the country's cultural activity is surve

Aušra Nr. 36/76. In its introductory article of the April, 1983 issue of Aušra, entitled, Aušra, an example for Today, the historical significance of the publication for the Lithuanian nation is dis­cussed: "... In the dawn of the ages, it found basis for na­tional self-respect, and from there, it evoked an ideal for the future."

It demonstrates that today, also, there is a striving for the same values, but with greater force, on a broader scale, and with more refinement, "Therefore, the urging to learn from the past, not to give up values defended back then, and to be defended today."

The article, "Jėga ir teisė" ("Force and the Law"), comes out for true democracy, in which an important role is played by Christianity, with its view of mankind as an incomparable value. Quite a bit of space is devoted in the publication to prisoners and exiles from our nation going the way of the Gulag; questions dealing with morality — strong family structure — are considered, and the article "Keturias­dešimt metų (1904 - 1944)" ("Forty Years"), is continued.


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Father Alfonsas Svarinskas
Father Sigitas Tamkevičius
Jadvyga Bieliauskienė
Sergei Kovalev
Antanas Terleckas
Julius Sasnauskas
Povilas Pečeliūnas
Docent Vytautas Skuodis
Mečislovas Jurevičius
Balys Gajauskas
Gintautas Iešmantas
Viktoras Petkus
Algirdas Statkevičius

and others bear the chains of captivity, so that you might live and believe freely!