It was especially good and pleasant to hear over Vatican Radio that the faithful of faraway Ireland are praying for our nation.

We believe in the power of common prayer. Many of the faithful, hearing about the days of prayer for Lithuania which had been proclaimed, immediately joined in the common prayer in Lithuania, as well.

Gathering in spirit at the feet of our Good Mother, we felt comforted and strengthened.

The Lithuanians will never forget your nation's gift, the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. From the time that the statue arrived at our shrine in Šiluva, on the thirteenth of every month ,the devotees of Mary gather here, and their numbers are constantly growing.

On that day, Mass is solemnly concelebrated, sermons are preached and many people go to the sacraments.

If our priests and faithful are going bravely to prison, risking the loss of good positions, and little schoolchildren are resisting the derision of their fellow pupils, obvious discrimination by teachers and KGB treachery, it is only because someone is sacrificing the praying for our nation. So we sincerely thank you for the prayers and for the love which you show us!


May God reward you!