On March 25,1984, Mečislovas Jurevičius of Šiauliai was released after three years of strict regime camp. He was met at the gates of the Chelyabinsk by friends from Lithuania, and by the 27th, all were back in Lithuania.

On March 7, Jurevičius' wife had sent him 70 rubles for the journey. However, to this day, the money has not reached Jurevičius, even though he has been home for three months.

Before Jurevičius came home, the security police began to question his wife and friends. In the middle of March, 1984, his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Loreta Jurevičienė, was questioned at work, and an attempt was made to recruit her. When the prisoner came home, Mrs. Jurevičienė was again summoned for interrogation, and questioned about people visiting Jurevičius. The KGB tried again to recruit her as an informer. Mrs. Jurevi­čienė refused to cooperate, and refused to keep silent about the interrogation.

On May 28, 1984, Jurevičius was served with an official summons to appear at the Šiauliai Department of Internal Affairs, Kapsų g-vė nr. 19, to see Investigator Mrs. Paškevičienė. During the interrogation, he was asked why he was not working, where he intended to work, and the like. The ex-convict explained that the law allows him not to work for three more months, and that even in camp, exceptions had been made for him on account of his poor health.

Investigator Paškevičienė warned him that after three months, he would receive a warning, and if he did not go to work, he "would be taken care of.

At the present time, Mečislovas Jurevičius' health is poor, with his feet constantly swelling.