In Ukraine, persecutions of Catholic-Uniates are growing in number and intensity. The apartments of believers are being raided, children and adults are being terrorized, and churches are being closed.

Region of Lvov

On September 29, 1982, KGB agents took care of a twenty-eight year old girl, Marija Schwed. At about 9:00 P.M. after Mass, she was preparing to leave Lvov to visit her mother. On the way to the railroad station on Turgenev Street, Miss Schwed was set upon by KGB wearing the insignia of auxiliary police, pulled into the gateway of Cumber 10, and beaten. People who gathered to the spot summoned an ambulance which took the injured woman to City Hospital 8 on Zhelonaya Street, and there people ridiculed Marija: "The priest of­fered you to God." Marija Schwed died without regaining conscious­ness. Witnesses were warned not to tell the truth.


Before November 7, in the Skole Rayon of the Lvov region Ukrainian churches were closed in the Villages of Bubneshch and Grebenka.

From the village church of Medzhibozh, the government con­fiscated antique artistic church articles which were made back in the Fourteenth Century during the reign of King Danil.

In the Rayon of Nesterov, the government ordered the church in the Village of Zhabe closed. The people there went on strike in protest. The police were summoned, and the Nesterov Rayon KGB came. Leading the clash was the Commissioner for Religious Affairs who had come from Lvov. Six persons were arrested.


Lithuanian, Do not forget!

 Father Alfonsas Svarinskas
Father Sigitas Tamkevičius
Docent Vytautas Skuodis
Jadvyga Bieliauskienė
Sergei Kovalev
Gintautas Iešmantas
Povilas Pečeliūnas
Viktoras Petkus
Antanas Terleckas
Julius Sasnauskas
Balys Gajauskas

and others are wearing the chains of imprisonment so that you might live and believe in freedom!