Holy Father, Catholic Lithuania sincerely thanks Your Holiness for your paternal concern for the Church in the land of Lithuania, which you once more expressed so stirringly by joining through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in the commemoration of the Jubilee of our nation's patron, Saint Casimir.

We painfully regret, Holy Father, that you were not allowed to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in our capital, Vilnius, at the Tomb of Saint Casimir. The priests and the faithful of Lithuania are not giving up hope of seeing you in their country. Your attention to the Church in our country and your graciousness to our nation encourages us, in spite of all trials, difficulties and threats, to a greater loyalty to the Church of Christ.

In the name of Catholic Lithuania, we express to you, Holy Father, our sincerest thanks, our filial love, and complete obedience.