Katinas - Vilnius

In connection with the raids of May 22, 1986 (searches were carried out at the homes of Kaunas residents A. Patackas, An­tanas Patackas, engineer Paulius Martinaitis, art critic Petras Kimbris, engineer Edvardas Šugžda photographer Gytis Ramoška, et. al., see Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania, No. 71), up till October 21, about sixty individuals were questioned by the Security Police. Among them were: Kaunas residents philologist Vytas Ališauskas, mathematician Algis Saudagas, Aušra Saudagaitė ar­chitect Rimantas Zimkus, sculptor Vladas Rukša, Adelė Urbonaitė, D. Kurklinskienė, Ramūnas Kurklinskas, engineer Adelė Misiūtė, in­structor at the agricultural academy Vladas Kudirka, Arūnas Rekašius, engineer Vytautas Volskis, agricultural academy instruc­tor Prutenas Janulis, student Jūratė Banevičiūtė, ex-political prisoner Liudas Simutis, pensioner Birutė Federavičienė, former instructor at the agricultural academy Juozas Algirdas Lazauskas, restorer Antanas Jucevičius, laborer Kostas Lukėnas, architect Vytautas Petrašonis, the former political prisoner Petras Plumpa, architect Henrikas Sambora, mathematician Rolandas Razulevičius, Nijolė Patackienė (wife of Algirdas Patackas), Mrs. M. Dambrauskienė (wife of political prisoner Liudas Dambrauskas; the chekists all suggested that Mrs. Dambrauskienė submit a request for clemency in writing if she did not want her husband to die in prison), engineer Viktoras Krūminis, philosopher Albinas Plėšnys, Vilnius residents philologist Rimantas Matulis, physician Gaudenta Juozapaitytė, engineer Juozas Prapiestis; Dr. Ramūnė Butkevičiūtė working in the Rayon of Zarasiai, a resident of Garliava, et. al.

All under investigation were asked about their ties with Algirdas Patackas, Algis Saudagas and Petras Kimbris. Inves­tigators tried to find witnesses who would confirm the "anti-Soviet activity" of those investigated and of individuals who had been sear­ched, especially Antanas and Algirdas Patackas. Antanas Patackas was accused of being involved with the book, Father Ambraziejus Jakavonis, 1886-1986, and the authorship of a publication concern­ing the Lithuanians of Byelorussia. In their investigations, the chekists affirmed that the ties of those under investigation with religion were of no interest to them, but they would constantly throw up various questions regarding worldview or directly connected with religion.


On September 8,1986, at about 4:00 PM, Alfonsas Bum-bulis, who had collected signatures in the church of Šiluva for the return of the church of Klaipėda was detained in the bus station of Siluva by KGB and militia. Militiamen drove Bumbulis to the Militia Department of Šiluva after taking away from him the texts with their signatures. From Šiluva, Bumbulis was driven to Raseiniai where Rayon Judge Šumauskas read the bill of particulars alleging that Bumbulis, had vilified militiamen and failed to carry out their orders. Bumbulis tried to deny the false accusations, saying that about thir­ty people had witnessed the incident at the Šiluva bus stop, and they could testify that there had been nothing of the sort, and that the aforesaid accusations had been tendentiously fabricated. As usual in such cases, Judge Šumauskas was not concerned with the truth, declared "there are enough witnesses" and sentenced Bumbulis to seven days in jail. Bumbulis remained in the Raseiniai jail until Sep­tember 15.

The chekists and militia acted rudely with collectors of signatures, destroying the texts of their petitions and signatures concerning the return of the church of Klaipeda in Seda, Kartena and other places.